Loading Printer Software onto Your Computer.

Printer manufacturers are mainly interested in cartridge sales after they have sold you a printer and why not? In order to maximise sales of their own branded cartridges they have come up with many tricks to achieve this and many ways to prevent you purchasing third party alternative cartridges and other cartridge type products. A couple of the tricks they use occur when you are installing the printer software onto your computer.

The drivers that are required to be installed in your computer in order that the computer can communicate with the printer are wrapped in a programme on an installation disc that tends to auto run and take you through a routine involving checking boxes to proceed. Some of these boxes contain your permission for the software (firmware) to be continuously checked for newer versions and then to automatically update. Some of the actions of the software do not ask permissions and set devices to auto update and set the task manager to check for updates daily. Beware.

This is a pain for people wishing to use the printer as a specialist printer used with different types of ink than the printer manufacturers supply, as in the case of Dye Sublimation Inks.

We are observing that newer model printers will accept compatible cartridges fitted with a one time use chip but refillable cartridges and continuous ink supply systems (CISS) that are fitted with Auto Reset Chips (ARC) are not being accepted and the dreaded cartridge not recognised message appears.

This is also the case after firmware updates have been applied to older model printers. We are observing that cartridges that were working the night before are suddenly being reported as not recognised, normally the ARC chips and this is because the update has omitted any info on the ARC chips and therefore the printer does not know how to deal with these and they report, cartridges not recognised.

So what to do.

We have started to advise customers to only install the printer driver or the scanner driver etc and you can do this by going into windows explorer on the disc and navigate to the drivers folder and then hit setup. Do this for each function the printer offers. This avoids using the software installation tool. You can also download the drivers from the manufacturers website and then double click the file and away you go. Do not download the full installation disc as it will try to add update entries that you really do not want.

After installation of the drivers, check task scheduler to see if any auto updates have been set by the printer manufacturer. If they have delete these entries.

Also check to reset the device installation settings and make certain that they are set to "Never Install Driver Software From Windows Update"

On some multi-function printers you can also navigate through the menu and set the firmware update settings to "off" Read the instruction book to locate this

This should do it.

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